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Moving between visual arts, music, text and theater: On stage as musician KIKI POP, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna Alumni Miru Miroslava Svolikova got into theater during artschool and wrote several acclaimed absurd theater plays, a modern-day Shakespeare translation, numerous short plays & publications. The artist also participated in multiple exhibitions and has been gathering small-scale experiences in directing her own material in video works, scenic readings and concert shows. Working on music and performative imagery since artschool, and to the surprise of many, the stage persona KIKI POP was born, performing numerous smaller concerts since the beginning of the year.


Photo Credits vlnr: GCx3, KKP, BBx2, KKPx2, BB, KKP, BB, KKPx5, BB, KKPx2. (GC-Goldenchabronne, KKP-Kiki Pop, BB-Beauregard Benzo)